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Birds That Frequent Our Home (Subject to drought and other extremes)
Even though night temperatures are near or below freezing in January and February, you can expect to see Eastern Bluebirds, Killdeer, Mockingbirds, Turkey Vultures,and Redtail Hawks all year. Most of the year the Great Blue Heron, Cardinals and Canadian Geese are around. Birds that have been seen or heard at Mill Creek are listed at the end of this page. Come see us! There are 200 acres to explore and over 100 species of birds and wildflowers to find!

Our wetlands provide shelter to many migrant birds

All year long it is likely you will have an eastern bluebird, mockingbird or killdeer sighting. Mid-April through mid-October ruby throated hummingbirds are plentiful. Other birds that have been sighted or heard here at various times are: Barn owl, barn swallow, barred “hoot” owl, brown thrush, cardinal, chickadee, common loon, crow, eastern flicker, goldfinch, great blue heron, great horned owl, house wren, indigo bunting, kingfisher, long eared owl, mallard duck, mockingbird, morning dove, pleated woodpecker, purple martin, quail, red tail hawk, robin, scarlet tanger, screech owl, tufted titmouse, whip-por-will, wild turkey, wood duck. There are others who are associated with these, we are sure. We have not listed common birds such as sparrow and grackle.

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